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So I am beginning a spiritual warfare class, and I must say, it is probably the most enlightening class I have taken in my entire life and I am only one week in! This class has consumed every bit of me where I am hungry for more. I need to have that time with God where He is opening my heart and my mind to this study of really breaking down His Word. I haven’t been able to put my book and my bible down for the past week because I feel it has become so incredibly valuable. I have realized at times I have tried to fight for victory in my flesh, instead of from victory in the Spirit. After trying so hard, I fail miserably, and ask for God’s help again.

This study is opening my eyes to who Satan is, and just how incredibly sneaky he is. I obviously knew he fell from pride, but it never really hit me that he has tried to take me down with him! At times I have been the most prideful person on this earth. Telling my husband countless times I don’t need you, I can do this on my own, all the while knowing I shouldn’t be saying those things. Wow, I fell hook, line and sinker for this lie he has told me since I was young. Now that I know that, it’s all about remembering to not step out of Christ to handle this on my own. In the moment it can be extremely difficult to identify his tactics, especially when he makes them our own. He infiltrates our thoughts and has us thinking things that are in opposition to the truth, what God has promised us.

Looking back at my life, it’s quite scary how many times I have danced with the devil. Even to this day, he knows me, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t know how to get me to fall off track. Good thing is, my God knows me better, and I am on His side, so I know we’re going to win! 🙂

(Just to show you how the devil is working on me, I sat at the end of this post for 20 minutes thinking I should delete it because it was short, and maybe didn’t really have a purpose other than sharing my excitement for this class. I almost deleted it until I came to my senses and said NO! I am not falling for it, even though there is no purpose, I can still share it, especially because it is about him.)